Promotional Services

We offer a range of promotional services that help support your promotion or event strategy.

Let our experienced team take the pressure off by outsourcing any of the following services:

  • Event support including event management and execution
  • Warehousing and distribution of promotion-related items
  • Point of sale merchandise print, distribution, and installation
  • Sales promotion and promotion strategy development to drive sales or increase brand awareness
  • Promotion activation set-up at major events or retail casual leasing
  • Retail store external or internal re-branding and construction services

Find out more below and please contact our friendly team to discuss the type of support that suits you and your company.

Event Management and Support

Our experienced team understand the importance of executing a seamless company event in order to achieve your requirements and objectives. We offer event support services that assist your employees, or full end-to-end event execution no matter the number of attendees or location.

Engage with us to assist you with...

  • Event creation and development
  • Event management and execution
  • Travel management
  • Event support staff
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Warehousing & Distribution

Are you running a promotion that requires warehousing or distribution of promotional items?

Save time and outsource your promo pack & send to us. We have the capability to store and efficiently distribute promotional items to your list of contacts or competition winners, according to your timeline.

We also offer full end-to-end promotion item distribution, which includes sourcing and supplying branded promotional items, as well as storage and distribution according to your requirements.

Point of Sale Solutions

Do you need to refresh your point of sale merchandise and don't have the capability to execute it?

Our experienced team can provide just one solution or a full end-to-end point of sale support solution. This includes, but is not limited to, print production of point of sale merchandise, distribution to retailers/wholesalers and on-site installation.

We can supply the following types of point of sale merchandise:

  • Header cards & side fins
  • Shelf wobblers & floor decals
  • Display shelves and systems
  • Labels, stickers and posters
  • Product packaging sleeves
  • And more.

Sales Promotions & Promotion Strategy Development

Are you stuck for ideas for your next promotion, or just need help developing a promotion strategy or sales promotion?

Our team can help develop a strategy or promotion that helps drive sales or increases brand awareness. In addition, we can also assist with end-to-end execution of your promotion.

Talk to us about your requirements and we would be more than happy to meet with you or your team to further discuss your objectives.

Promotion Activation

Are you or your team low on time to execute a planned activation?

Let us handle it for you. Our experienced team can help with the following:

  • Source and supply branded display materials and giveaway items
  • Store materials and items until activation day
  • Deliver, bump-in and set-up on activation day according to your plans and requirements.


Consider how your current and prospective customers experience and interact with your retail or wholesale store and how it impacts their perception of your brand. Is it time for a re-brand or refresh to impact their purchase decisions in a positive way?

Our team has the experience necessary to help plan your re-brand and execute it from start to finish. Our contractors and workers are fully qualified and ensure a quality finish and an impactful end result.

We can also help you with...

Promotional Signage

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